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In keeping with our long-standing tradition, we plan to continue donating our Christmas gifts to charity in 2023.

What is our Christmas goal? To actively give back to nature and reduce CO2, to build a brighter future for young people less fortunate than us, and to achieve a dementia-free future.

By visiting this page, you have contributed to our Christmas goal.

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“Every single person has the power to change the world and help people.”

– Laura Marano – 

Cause 1

The Hope Foundation India – to help improve the lives of young people in Dehra Dun, India, we will upgrade the Smart Boards they use for schooling.

The Hope Foundation in India is a private foundation that has established a home for children. We visited Dehra Dun, India, to install computers we bought for the home. With our previous Christmas fundraisers, we were able to make needed purchases for the home; like an intercom/security system, a garage for the school bus, medical supplies, a kitchen renovation, printers for the class work, and sewing machines for small stitching of children’s clothes by the dorm parents. In addition, we sponsor Priyanka and Deepak, a brother and sister who receive shelter and education in the Hope Home.

Cause 2

The Boes Bos Foundation – to plant trees to compensate for CO2 emissions, in a local Eindhoven agroforestry.

The Boes Bos Foundation’s main goal is to raise awareness of climate change and tackle this issue by planting as many trees as possible. Our donation will be used for biodiversity and sustainability by planting more trees in the local Eindhoven agroforestry. Not only for each other now, but also for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Cause 3

Alzheimer Nederland  – Aims for a dementia-free future and better lives for those with dementia and their families.

This charity is close to our hearts. Itilians got the chance to vote for a charity this year, and convincingly selected this one. Itility values the generations that came before us, making our education and personal growth possible.

One out of every five people will develop dementia. There is currently no available drug for this brain disease. Hence, extensive research is required. By conducting more research, Alzheimer Nederland hopes to bring us closer to a dementia-free future and enhance the quality of life for people with dementia.

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