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To drive the energy transition with our digital engineering.

Technology will play a crucial role in a world facing the urgent challenge of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. We are committed to applying all our technology and data knowledge toward this goal.

Energy sources such as solar and wind, whose outputs are intermittent by nature, must be effectively harnessed to balance supply and demand on the power grid.

So, energy suppliers are shifting to Virtual Power Plant (VPP) concepts that offer decentralized power solutions. Thus, the consumer becomes a prosumer — both a consumer and a producer, delivering energy to the grid as well as consuming it. Balancing this is a true optimization challenge.

At a more granular level, buildings can also be optimized for their energy usage. Consider them temporary energy-storage systems — another control and optimization challenge in a highly fragmented world of existing climate systems.

These control challenges are what drive us. We create advanced AI solutions for it. We are experts who can apply smart energy-management concepts to existing systems or create all-new systems. More specifically, we determine optimization strategies at the heart of any energy-control system solution. 

To start, we model your energy systems and run our optimizers in simulation mode using real data. We then tune, train, and improve the models, showing you the results before incorporating the controls into your real-life system. You can think of this as a digital twin of your energy system.

We can optimize anything: your building, your energy-producing systems, your machines, and even your complete factory. We do it based on relevant parameters for your use case such as electricity costs, weather, thermal comfort, energy market forecasts, state of charge of electrochemical storage, carbon footprint, and your renewal energy producers.

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We decrease your energy consumption by 20% in a matter of days?

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Dennis van Goch is our Energy expert. Curious how he can help you to decrease your energy costs and carbon footprint?

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