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Adding digital services to machines and factories is what drives us.

Manufacturing must transform into sustainable and circular operations. One of the most promising developments in sustainable manufacturing is using advanced analytics and software solutions to optimize production processes.

We combine technology and data to transform existing and new factories into the “intelligent factory.” To increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, and produce more sustainably. To create a more flexible, responsive, and sustainable manufacturing ecosystem that can deliver products faster and more efficiently, while also reducing waste and increasing resource productivity.


We are the true integrator on any level: your machines, worker cells, complete plant, or even your full supply chain. We define your manufacturing execution, and we implement it. We combine our knowledge of software, manufacturing systems, data, and worker automation with your knowledge of your manufacturing processes in order to reduce downtime, save energy, predict where maintenance will be required, reduce waste, and increase the effectiveness of your operators, line managers, production engineers, and supply-chain planners.

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factory yield by 20%?

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